Bougainvillea. Anna Ticho (Poster)

Bougainvillea. Anna Ticho (Poster)



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Bougainvillea. Anna Ticho (Poster)
Bougainvillea. Anna Ticho (Poster)


Size: 39.8" X 23.8" / 102 X 61 cm

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Bougainvillea, watercolor on paper, 1970, the Anna Ticho bequest

Ticho, Anna
Anna Ticho, Painter. b. 1894, Brno, Czechoslovakia. Immigrated 1912. Married Dr. A. Ticho, renowned opthalmologist. Studies: 1906- 1909 Art School, Vienna. Prizes: 1964 Erest Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Jerusalem; 1975 Sandberg Prize for Israeli Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Specialised in drawing landscapes of Jerusalem and surroundings. 1932 A founder of the New Bezalel School. 1970 Honoured as “A Worthy of Jerusalem”. Died 1980, Jerusalem. (The Ticho’s home was bequeathed to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, for use as a centre for art activities and for a permanent exhibition of Anna Ticho’s work).