Contemporary art in the israel museum

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Contemporary art in the israel museum
Contemporary art in the israel museum Contemporary art in the israel museum
Edited by Suzanne Landau
Displaying the works of avant-garde artists in Jerusalem-an ancient city rich in history, cultures, and religions-and in the context of an encyclopedic museum is a unique experience. The Israel Museum pursues a policy of intensive activity in the sphere of contemporary art, both international and Israeli, and its world-class collection reflects the full scope of evolution in the field over some three decades.
This book presents masterworks of contemporary art in the collection, underscoring its focus on installation, three-dimensional, and photo-based art. The 138 artists whose works are highlighted, in large-scale reproductions and curatorial texts, include Carlos Amorales, Miroslaw Balka, Peter Coffin, Olafur Eliasson, Leandro Erlich, Fischli Weiss, Susan Hiller, Isaac Julien, Sigalit Landau, Aernout Mik, Charles Ray, Tabaimo, Mark Wellinger and ma others.
 2010* English* 319 pages*260 color illustration* softcover* 24x28
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