Silver and Roman Glass Earrings - Adaptation - Capital - 2nd Temple Period

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Silver and Roman Glass Earrings - Adaptation - Capital - 2nd Temple Period
Silver and Roman Glass Earrings - Adaptation - Capital - 2nd Temple Period

Size: 4 cm X 1.7 cm / 1.6" X 0.7"

Note: To preserve patina do not allow glass to come in contact with water. 

These earrings are so fabulous - it will liven up any ensemble!  A large sterling silver teardrop frame contains a largepiece of iridescent genuine ancient Roman glass.  At the top is a capital reproduction, and in the middle is a beautiful tiny sterling silver and red stone pomegranate.  Sheer elegance!

The model of Ancient Jerusalem on the grounds of the Israel Museum enables the visitor to study the city of Jerusalem, its topography and architecture, and to visualise life in the city at the time of the Second Temple, before the Jewish revolt against Rome and the destruction of the city in 70 CE.

This piece is inspired by the richly decorated capitals of the pilars at the Temple's facade.  The facade was reconstrucred according to its depiction on the Bar Kochba coins and the fresco in the 3rd century synagogue of Dura Europos in Syria.  The facade was very high and wider than the rest of the Temple.


The shard of genuine ancient Roman glass in this piece originate form fragments of glass vessels discovered in Israel, in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea shore.  The finely wrought glass bottles and jars, dated 1st - 6th century C.E., were created in ancient Israel by craftsmen working with a blow-pipe at the glass furnace.  Over the centuries these glass vessels gained additional charm from the iridescent coloring caused by the weathering of the glass.

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a short description of its historical background in English and Hebrew.

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